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Celebrity style prom dresses.

Prom season is among us and every girl needs a dress that will help give her the presence to stop the room when she walks in. This is a special time in one’s high school career and one of the few opportunities a part from everyday school-wear that you are given a chance to show a bit of extra style. Whether you would like to be the Cinderella of the ball or take a more simple and sophisticated route, it is vital to find a dress that specifically expresses and fits tailored to you! Here at Sira D’ Pion, you can find a variety of different selections to find a dress that not only looks, but feels perfect for you! 

At Sira D’ Pion, we offer gently hand-made custom dresses. Sometimes it can be difficult to find pieces that you like overall. One dress may be the right color, but not the right fit. One may be the right fit, but not the right cut. One might have all the main features you desire, but have more detailing than you would like. Whatever the case may be, we can help you to find or create the dress you would not only look, but feel beautiful in too! One that you love, entirely.

We will make this a personalized, enjoyable one-on one experience with ample time to determine your measurements, choose and feel fabrics, and see a hand-drawn draft sketch of your look that will be made with the help of your own imagination, bringing to life your vision. Most importantly, we provide a bright, spacious environment to try on the pieces, with welcomed support of family and friends.

Sira D’ Pion is a florida, family business. We take pride in our selections filled with unique couture styles and designs and rich fabric. Building relationships to leave you happy for your special day and any other special event to come. 

Our renowned celebrity-style prom dress collection is now available for a limited time with new styles for this new year. 

We welcome you to set up an appointment. Call us today! 407-930-7472.



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