Prom 2020

The excitement of a new senior year Prom 2020.

Sira D’ Pion Prom Collection

The new school year has just begun and with it the excitement of the next Prom season. This special 2020 Prom night will be remembered for ever. If you are wondering about the perfect color, the perfect style, or how to be glamorous and unique, how to stand out and not be wearing  another department store dress,  then let us create your own special gown.. Our celebrity style prom dress collection is specially designed with the latest fashion trends and fabrics. With large fabric resources and creativity we are able to bring an unlimited color selection and fabric combinations.

Our fashion forecast for the 2020 Prom season is an explosion of bright colors, a loud voice of excitement and joy, the raising of a new generation, a new group of world changers. Let the colors speak and the perfect fit to make a statement of victory. Whether a bold red ball gown or hot pink sexy low back no on can stop the prom queen from being unforgettable!


 We take pride in our custom designed  prom dress collection and have hundreds of happy customers thru the years. With over twenty five years designing and manufacturing couture dresses for brides, quinceanera events, prom and red carpet celebrities,  we advise our customers regarding the best color selections as well as the  dress proportion and design to get the perfect dream come true gown. Sometimes it is challenging to choose the correct color to be unique  or stand out and choosing the wrong color is a common mistake. Some pointers are primary colors are more possible to be repeated. The solution is a different shade of the color you like paying attention to skin tone, hair color, and dont forget..matching your date! Let the correct color and perfect fit make a  statement you are unique and will be remembered!

Feeling overwhelmed with many decisions? Let’s express the joy and happiness  with a one of a kind custom made prom dress by Sira D’ Pion! A free consultation can be your solution. Please call us today and reserve you free consultation and received a 10% discount on your one of a kind custom design prom dress. This limited time offer will expire soon.

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