Five Top Questions To Having A Custom Wedding Dress Made


Five Top Questions To Having A Custom Wedding Dress Made


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Welcome to the bespoke bridal journey, where your dream wedding dress becomes a reality. As a designer, I’m excited to guide you through the custom creation process, answering the most common five top questions to having a custom wedding dress made that many brides have before starting their dress. From the unique benefits of a custom gown to the emotional unveiling of your finished dress that truly reflects your individuality. We will dive into the process of turning your vision into a masterpiece of personal expression! It is truly rewarding for me to see the joy of each Bride at the final fitting when she see’s how beautiful she looks in the dress of her dreams!

Q: What sets the custom-made wedding dress process apart?

A: The custom-made process is distinguished by its personalized approach and collaboration. It involves working closely with the designer from the outset to ensure that the dress reflects the bride’s unique personality and love story. This journey transforms ideas into a beautiful reality, making the dress a true representation of the bride.

Q: How can I contribute to the design of my dress?

A: Your involvement is crucial in the design process. It begins with sharing your vision, style, and inspirations during a detailed consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to explore various designs, silhouettes, and details, making choices that influence the final creation. The designer’s guidance ensures your ideas are brought to life in the most beautiful way.

Q: How do I choose the right fabrics and materials for my dress?

A: Choosing fabrics and materials is made easier with the designer’s expertise. You’ll be presented with a selection of high-quality options, and the designer will explain how each fabric and embellishment can enhance the dress’s overall look and feel. This ensures the dress is not only visually stunning but also comfortable to wear.

Q: What is the process from designing the dress to completing it?

A: After finalizing the design and materials, the designer and their team begin crafting the dress, keeping you involved and informed throughout the process. This collaborative effort includes making necessary adjustments to ensure the dress meets your expectations perfectly. The aim is to create a gown that is exactly as envisioned.

Q: What is it like to see the finished wedding dress for the first time?

A: Seeing the finished wedding dress for the first time is an emotional and fulfilling experience. It marks the culmination of a collaborative journey, revealing a dress that is not just a garment but a personalized symbol of the bride’s journey and love story. Crafted with care and attention to detail, it’s a moment of joy and satisfaction.

Q: How do I start the process of getting a custom-made wedding dress?

A: Beginning the process is as simple as scheduling a personalized consultation with the designer. This initial conversation is an opportunity to discuss your vision for the dress and from there, you and the designer will embark on the exciting journey of creating your custom wedding gown. If there are additional questions other than these top five questions to having a custom made wedding dress made, please contact us and we will be glad to assist!



Custom Design Wedding Dress

Custom Design Wedding Dress

Yes, you can order a custom design gown online.

In our effort to serve you better, we design a few different options to create your dream dress come true. Select one of the different options below and book a personal meeting with our expert bridal fashion stylist.

Please review the following options and select the one to fit your better.
Standard size:
After you take your measurements, you will pick the size according to our size chart.
We recommend a professional seamstress to assure your measurements are correct. We provide a guideline sketch to help you if you decide to do it yourself.
A virtual help with one of our bridal stylists.
Custom Size:
This option is very convenient for any customer who measurements fit more than one size, reducing the need of alterations.
Any dress can qualify for custom size option.
We provide the form and measurements guide.
A virtual appointment for measurements instruction.
Virtual fitting, once you receive your gown, we schedule a virtual fitting not later than 48 business hours. We offer one complementary tailoring.
Pictures of gown will be provided before shipping.
Custom made dress:
Perfect option for a unique gown.
Submit your ideas and inspirational picture, color style and measurements via email.
We provide the form and measurements guide and also a virtual appointment for measurement instructions.
Once you receive your gown, we schedule a virtual fitting no later than 48 business hours. We offer one complementary tailoring.
Pictures of gown will be provided before shipping.
High End Couture
One-of-a-kind couture design option
After submitting your ideas and inspirational picture, color style and measurements via email
A first virtual appointment with the stylist to go over your ideas.
A virtual measurement appointment with the designer going thru details and sketching the gown.
Virtual draft pattern fitting.
Virtual fitting available for non-traveling customer.
Final complementary tailoring if is need it.

We provide a fabric sample swatch upon request.

Our collection is made to order, every single gown will be handmade one by one in the State of Florida.
Gown production will be schedule according with your wedding date, 30 to 120 days in advance, ask your consultant for details.

Our unique collection of laces and beading is a limited selection per season to create a unique collection in every bridal season.

Dressmaking Design Studio


Dressmaking Design Studio

Professional couture dressmaker design studio located in Winter Park Florida


Sira D Pion wedding dress designer, designing and dressmaking. Wedding dresses for over twenty-five years in the state of Florida.

Our dressmaking design studio is known for high quality dressmaking and a perfect fit every time all in a very happy and friendly environment.

With Great fabric selections to choose from as well as detailed embellishments, Sira is a talented dressmaker, she will create an exclusive designed gown for your style choice to fit your personal style and budget.

Handcrafted made to order wedding gowns. Perfect fitted gowns are our guarantee high quality materials.

Honest and friendly environment always a dressmaking stress-free process. 

We offer a great selection of fabrics from all over the world along with creating our own embroidery, laces and hand beaded embellishments.

Very detailed craftmanship, professional patterns, perfect cutting and dressmaking techniques, and excellent sewing skills will assure a perfect fit.

To know more about ordering a custom design gown.

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