Mother Of the Bride Dresses by Terani Winter Park


Mother Of the Bride Dresses by Terani at Sira D’ Pion

Find your perfect Mother Of the Bride Dresses by Terani Winter Park. Beautiful 3D flower lace available in blush color and dark silver. Size from 0 to 24.

Mother of the bride dress collection in Winter Park Florida

Find your perfect mother of… dress. A memorable stunning and perfect fit gown for your daughter or son’s wedding.

Whether an Elegant couture classic style or short casual dresses, formal wedding or informal, daytime or nighttime, our selection of a custom dresses can meet your needs.

Call us today and arrange a personal one on one appointment with our expert dress designer.

Advice from the Designer.

What should I wear for my daughter or son’s wedding? It is the first question after the excited engagement announcement. First, let’s ask the bride for her vision and color preference to help in the process of choosing that stunning perfect dress to please you and the couple.

Color, length, and body exposure are the 3 main concern for all mother of…, trying to look young, comfortable and beautiful.

Things to avoid:

Colors too bright unless is part of the wedding theme and has the bride approval.

Too short or too long. As mother of the bride or groom you will be moving around and want to be able to be confident and safe. If the dress is too revealing, you are constantly touching that area concerned about exposing too much.

Your perfect dress is one you are not thinking about it because it is part of you. The dress that will bring many great memories which you will want to keep forever.

If you have any questions about what you should wear, please book complementary appointment with us. We would love to help you find the perfect dress.


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