Sira D’ Pion My Short Story

A Florida wedding dress designer standing in front of mannequins.

Sira D’ Pion – My Short Story:

My love of fashion started at a very young age by learning embroidery at an elementary school back in my country the  Dominican Republic. My design journey continued as a teenager buying fabrics and making designs according to my own style.
I then moved to New York at the age of 18 and my fashion dream began to be realized as I walked around the city and saw all the amazing garments. A couple of years later I started my own fashion business in 1993 and finished fashion school.
As with all starting businesses there were many ups and downs thru the years but eventually achieved many successful stories and recognitions, like dresses published in People magazine, many Red Carpet shows, and tv celebrities being featured wearing my dresses.  My most important and rewarding achievements though have been all the happy brides who wore a dress of their dreams and how I was able to impact this very special day in their life!
My dream is to inspire as many women as possible, believing success is not determined by the amount of money but by how many people you can impact. Since 1998 I have exclusively dedicated myself to the special occasion industry, making dreams come true for many brides and their families.
We feature custom design wedding dresses, mother of the bride, veils, and red-carpet dresses which are designed and manufactured right here in central Florida.
At present, I’m happy enjoying my family, the design process, and hobbies, watercolor, botanical textiles designs, gardening, cooking, and more importantly my spirituality.

Words for all women, yes, we can do it, enjoying the process of getting there.

I’m very Thankful for all the blessings I have.

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